Cybercrime? Yes, they target small businesses! In fact 50% of all businesses!

Cybersecurity: What Small Business Owners Need To Know!

The statistics show that small businesses are not only at risk of a cybersecurity attack, but many have already been attacked.  It's not just the big corporations like Sony and large healthcare companies that are targets of cyber criminals. According to statistics, in the last 12 months, hackers have breached half of all small businesses in the United States. Small businesses like ours are especially susceptible to cyber attacks, like phishing strikes via email, since we are without the resources of large IT departments.

Why should we be concerned about cyber security?  Well, keeping our customer data safe is one important aspect of cyber security.  Also, if you run an online shop, fraudulent activity in your e-commerce shop is one of the many ways hackers can steal from you.  Financial losses and loss of business activity after an attack can literally put you out of business if your cash flow is already tenuous.   

As cyber criminals target small businesses, owners and employees need to know how to protect both their customers and themselves.   Arm yourself with knowledge!  Learn about and purchase cyber insurance.  Cyber policies cover a business' liability for a data breach (customers' personal information, such as Social Security or credit card numbers) is exposed or stolen by a hacker or other criminal who has gained access to the firm's electronic network. You can learn more about cyber insurance from one of our Small Business in a Box Business Partners, John Blystone @ The Blystone Company.  

Also, you can learn about cybersecurity in our Small Business Cyber Security & Cash Flow Management Happy Hour Workshop with Tracey Carroll from Penn Community Bank, Oct 20th from 5 to 7pm!  Details below!

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