Resources for Small Business Help After a Disaster.


Resources for Small Business Help After a Disaster.

Not only did your house get destroyed but your livelihood and source of income did too!  What is a small business person supposed to do when these things happen?  Around 25 percent of small businesses are unable to reopen after a major disaster like Hurricane Harvey or Irma.    Here are a few tips to help after a disaster.  With preparedness and knowledge of the aid available, many long-term issues your small business may face can be prevented.

1. Apply for low-interest disaster loans. There are opportunities for a low-interest loan to help you and your business recover. The Small Business Administration offers these loans to small businesses, private nonprofit organizations, home-owners and even renters.    If you have an existing loan, see if you can defer payments based on living in a federally declared disaster area.  

2. Apply for federal assistance. FEMA offers emergency cash grants for housing, medical, and other disaster-related needs. This can come in handy for getting some immediate cash in your hand if you need housing and if your business is home based.

3.   Contact your insurance agent.  Make sure you get your insurance claim in as early as possible, keep lots of records and take many pictures of the damage.  The Insurance Information Institute has tips to make the process as smooth as possible. 

4. Local Small Business Groups
Many local chambers or small business groups run collections or other fundraisers after a disaster that can help and benefit you.  Some are even industry focused, like book sellers collecting new books to help replenish other book sellers lost stock.  Reach out to local groups to see if you can utilize some of their resources.  That is what they are there for!

5. Everyday Heroes! Many of us have heard of Mattress Mack in Houston, TX. This gentleman opened his store as a shelter to evacuees during Hurricane Harvey and began rescuing people in his delivery trucks.  There are others willing to help out too.  Ask around in your community and look online for resources.  

Small Business Association
Insurance Information Institute

US Chamber of Commerce


 American Business Women's Day

Since 1982, as a nation we have celebrate American Business Women's day on September 22nd.  This year, Per Diem Space would like to celebrate with you!  Join us on Friday, September 22nd at Per Diem Space for an all day celebration of local business women - of course, men welcomed too!  Beginning at 9:00 am, we will have pastries and coffee - we also invite you to stay and work for FREE that day in our co-working space!    Stay tuned for more information in the coming week.  

Cyber Security and Cash Flow Management Happy Hour Workshop

Arm Yourself With Knowledge!

Cash is king!  How is your cash flow?  Is your cash liquid?  Do you know your options when it come to cash management?  How about your cyber security education?  Need some knowledge?

Join Tracey Carroll, Senior Vice President of Cash Management from Penn Community Bank and her colleague, Roman Grinberg,  IT Governance Supervisor, at Per Diem Space for an informational and enjoyable evening.

This interactive workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Intro into Cash Management Product Offerings.
  • Small Business Cyber Security Training.
  • Social Engineering Training.
  • Phishing Emails- Stop! Think! Protect!

NOTE: Date & Time: Friday October 20th 3pm to 5pm
Fall Back to School Special: $25.00

Snacks and Drinks to be served, Happy Hour following!

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