5 Tips For Planning a Successful Business Event

5 Tips For Planning a Successful Business Event

1. Time It Right:  Timing is crucial to the success of your event. Consider key dates, such as holidays or annual events in the community, that might compete with yours, or choose a theme to highlight. Also consider how much time attendees will need in order to plan ahead to attend, and how much time you'll need to prepare for the event.

2. Set A Budget: As you envision your event, you may find the costs are adding up to a price beyond your means. That’s when it’s time to either scale back your plan or find a way to bring in the additional money you need. Depending on the type of event, you might consider seeking a sponsor for the event (perhaps one of your vendors or suppliers), selling tickets in advance or partnering with a complementary business to share the costs. 

3. Build the Buzz

Use social media to get your target audience excited about the event. You can tease the event well in advance, post pictures of and news about your preparations and even invite customers to the event.  Remember to keep posting even during the event and after!

4. Staffing Needs: Think about how many staff members you need to help with the event, and then make sure everyone knows who’s doing what (e.g., you might have some people helping with check in, some setting up/cleaning up, and others making presentations). If you’re looking to reach new customers, you’ll also want to ensure your staff members know how to identify opportunities and carry out a lead capture process.

5.  Have a Plan B for EVERYTHING: Something will be late, something won’t arrive at all, and something will most certainly go very, very wrong. Anticipate which aspects will more significantly affect your event and create backup plans for each.  Don't get upset and freak out.  Have a plan!