All Businesses LARGE and small Can Benefit From The Internet Of Things (IoT)

All Businesses LARGE and small Can Benefit From The Internet Of Things (IoT)

First of all, what is IoT?  Basically, it is the inter-connectivity of smart-devices.  Everything from your fit bit and your smart phone, to a street sign in a smart city connects to the internet and is included in the Internet of Things.  This interconnectivity allows for devices and objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across a network improving efficiency, safety and reducing the need for human intervention.    

How does this help you and your business?

1.  Cut down on your need to multi-task.
Let a computer do some of the work.  Google Drive, your email system and an electronic calendar are great systems to control your schedule and keep up to date notes that your whole team can access.  Have you tried Basecamp for team activities?  

2. Get an unpaid Intern:
Alexa!  What's my schedule today?  Alexa!  What did I have on my to do list?  Alexa!  Add milk to my grocery list.  Trust me, if you buy an Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant, you will be very happy you did.  They save lots of time and are excellent assistants.  Sync them with your phone and other devices (like light bulbs) and you can have a whole house system.  Alexa! Turn off the lights upstairs!

3.  Automate Your Office:
You can create a smart office using your Amazon Alexa or another security system. Your lights will turn on and off with your smartphone as will your heating and air conditioning, saving you money on electricity and gas.  You can even unlock the door if an employee (or forgetful partner) accidently locks themselves out.  

4. Watch Your Competition:
Use your smartphone or Ipad to keep on eye on your competition.  Make sure you subscribe to their newsletters and follow them on instagram, Facebook and twitter.  You want to be the first to know if they are running a promotion or have an announcement that might negatively affect you.  

5. Really want to be connected?
Get a smart watch that receives tweets and text messages so you don't miss a thing! And make sure you are always communicating effectively with your team.  You can try Skype and Facetime to see them in person.  Messages can get muddled in tone with email and texts, sometimes seeing a person's face is better.