Making Your Business Stand OUT in the NOISE!

Small Businesses are BOOMING!  How do you stand out against the herd?

Developing your brand is essential.  Get your name, your business and your story out there so people can get to know your business, learn what is special about what you do and form a connection with your brand. Effectively accomplishing this is what will allow your voice to be clearly heard above the din. Here are five ways you can do just that — without costing you a ton of money.

Craft A Memorable Identity:
Your business is alive and growing. It has its own unique personality and purpose. Define your vision through your logo and mission statement. Then, expand upon that core with an intriguing narrative that offers your backstory. Provide people with the opportunity to get to know more about your company. Once they do, they will be more likely to connect and care about your business. That translates into customer loyalty and word-of-mouth testimonials. 

Share Your Knowledge
Whatever your expertise, share it. Serve as a mentor to those in need. Offer workshops and advice to young up-and-comers. Take the time to listen to and help others in whatever way makes sense for your business.   Collaborate with other businesses.  Join a business group!

Be Active In Your Community
Let your community know your company exists. This goes beyond the business world where you attend networking meetings and events. Consider sponsoring an event or even spearheading projects that make your neighborhood a better place to live. Position your business to be an exemplary member of your community.  Volunteer!

Give Them Something To Remember You
In our everyday, we are inundated with an endless barrage of virtual tidbits. If you want to stand out, give people something they can hold in their hands: a business card, a flyer promoting a community event, or a postcard. Make it unique!