Collaborate, Connect, Cowork!

Collaboration is an essential tool for all small businesses.

Why? Because we can't do everything ourselves!  We need to work together to accomplish our goals.  

1. Collaboration Can Inspire Creativity:
Who doesn't love a group brainstorming session?  No matter the kind of inspiration you need – be it for marketing, management, or business strategy – it’s best to avoid the tunnel vision effect that often creeps up when you are focused solely on your own situation.  

2. Grow From Collective Knowledge:
Non-competing small businesses who supply the same customers are a great place to start looking for people to share advice and knowledge with. Take advantage of another person's experience dealing with the same sorts of challenges and share your experiences.  

3. Co-Operate, Co-Promote, Co-Market
You will find opportunities to co-promote will let you make the most of each other's strengths.  You can co-sponsor an event or create a coupon for use at both of your businesses.  Try making an ad showcasing several local companies thereby sharing the advertising costs.  

4. Join a Small Business Group
Join a Group (Like Per Diem's Small Business in a Box) to access insights and a community of likeminded business members.  The members are all committed to helping the small business world thrive.  

Leveraging a solid foundation in Marketing, Administration, and extensive experience in business ownership including the non-profit world, Per Diem's experts help business owners evaluate their needs and strategize ways to best meet them.  Utilizing partnerships with industry professionals our consultants connect business owners to trusted professionals to help elevate your company to success.

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Semi-Private and Private Space Available

Our spaces are flexible in pricing and use, via the 1st and 2nd floors where there is also co-working space and conference room capabilities.

Pop Up Shops 

This is Perkasie's first ever collaborative pop-up retail shop devoted to emerging local creatives and vendors. Saturday morning 10am-1pm, our artisans and peddlers will bring their merch for a weekly dose of unique show and sell.