Why Small Business Saturday Is Important To You

Are you psyched about your neighborhood businesses?   Do you want to see your brick and mortar stores grow in your community?  Great...because Small Business Saturday is just around the corner! In fact, it's this Saturday, November 25, 2017.

If you’re not familiar with Small Business Saturday, here’s a little background.  It was started by American Express in 2010 to support the effort to help local businesses bounce back from the recession.  According to American Express, last year 112 million consumers spent $15.4 million purchasing products or services from small businesses.  How does that relate to local communities? Well, if you spend $100.00 in a local business, roughly $68.00 stays in the local economy.  When you support Small Businesses, you are supporting your neighbors.  Not only are you advocating for your business, but you are also saying "Thank you for spending time in my community, and don't forget to visit my friend at the yoga studio across the street."  

As a small business in a local town, on a weekly basis, we refer our customers to visit the local art gallery; or if they are looking for a unique gift, we recommend the florist or antique store.   Providing this information makes you and your business a reliable source, while keeping your local businesses thriving.   

Happy Shopping!