5 Things To Look For In An Event Venue

5 Things To Look For In An Event Venue

Set the Budget

It’s important to first set a budget for the event before even beginning to look for a space. This will allow you to save a lot of time, frustration and disappointment when beginning the search. Once an overall limit is set, begin breaking it down into how much will be allocated for each portion of the event: venue, food/beverage, entertainment, decor, transportation (if any), etc.


This should go without saying but pick an area that is close for everyone or at least has accommodations close by (The Washington House Hotel is very close to Per Diem Space). You may have commuters that will want to attend the event or even in-town guests that may want to make it a special evening. Also, look at the surroundings of the place you are looking at; is there on-site parking or do guests have to pay for a lot or garage? Is it located in a nice neighborhood? Is it easy to find and get to?


Choose 2-3 possible dates for the event so there are more options when looking for venues. Remember, a lot of the standard banquet halls and restaurants will book up quickly so think outside the box and consider a unique event space that can be transformed into a party that fits the group’s personality. Choosing something different shows your co-workers that a good deal of thought has gone into the event and you can get more creative with the types of food and beverage provided. Better yet, chances are that with a unique space that no one else is thinking of, your preferred date will be available!

Inclusions + Limitations

Once you have narrowed down the search, look at what is included and what your limitations are for each space. Big things to consider are: Do you need to clean up at the end of the evening or can you hire a cleaning crew? How much of the space do you have use of? Do you need to provide outside insurance? Do you need to obtain a catering or liquor license? Is there Wi-Fi? And what are the limitations on decor, food, noise and hours for the event?

Choose Professionals

When choosing entertainment, catering or decor vendors for the space, go with reputable professionals. There are plenty of budget friendly businesses out there and may even be open to a barter system of some sorts but be upfront about your budget. Remember that this is a time for your co-workers to enjoy themselves so the less work everyone has to do, the more they will enjoy themselves and the more successful your event will be!

Holiday party time is just around the corner so when it comes time to start planning your company’s soiree, remember to stay within budget, pick a great and unique space that will wow your guests, and go with as many professionals as the budget will allow so that everyone can relax and have a great time, including you! After all, YOU did all this planning…so enjoy it!

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