Coworking -- The Best Innovation in Modern Workspaces

Have you ever walked in a coffee shop and noticed all the professionals working on their computers (the laptop hobos) and wondered if there was a better way for them to work?  There is!   It’s called coworking, a radical change in how entrepreneurs, independent contractors and telecommuting professionals are working.  Coworking is a hot new trend that’s quickly picking up steam.  Professional coworking spaces offer everything from shared desk spaces to lounge areas and private meeting rooms with A/V equipment for presentations. Also available are a business address, mailbox and receptionist to receive calls, make appointments and accept deliveries.

Why would you want to join this revolution?  Well, the cost is obviously more affordable than renting office space, and it allows you to be a part of the local community.  Being a lone worker can sometimes get well, rather lonely, and coworking spaces allow you the flexibility to join the community and withdraw to your own personal space at will.  Don't be a laptop hobo, have your laptop find a home at Per Diem.