10 Reasons it Sucks to Work from Home

10. Food: There is food in your house, lots of it.  You stock the fridge and the pantry to feed your family and then you eat that food while they are away at school or work.  At an office or coworking space you only have access to snacks or a lunch break, not your entire kitchen.

9. Children:  I love my kids, I really do but there have been days that I locked myself in my car so I could take a conference call.  Kids can be really loud and demanding and they don't really care if you are working on something important.  You can be a better parent if you aren't yelling at them to be quiet and someone else is watching them, entirely focused on them. Then later, when you aren't working, you can be devoted 100% to them.  

8. Social Media: Distractions are common when you don't have people around you to hold you accountable.  You may be sucked deeper and deeper into the social media vortex if you aren't careful.  Soon you realize that you have wasted 4 hours reading posts about which former child stars got the fattest and which one of your facebook friends found the most complicated way to combine food in a cutesy container and call it the bestest healthiest most organic homemade school lunch for their over scheduled gifted kids while you eat chips on the couch.

7. Loneliness: When you work at home, you can get very lonely.  You can find yourself having a conversation with your Amazon Echo, Alexa, and that is sad.  Then when you go out, you talk to yourself because you forgot that isn't normal, and people think you might be insane.  

6. Sloppiness: The work in your PJs look becomes permanent.  When you go out of the house in pajamas, or you become excited to put jeans on, you know it might be time to make a change.  

5. You are always at work: When you work at home, you never get to leave the office.  It becomes a problem because you feel like you can't leave your responsibilities at another place and go home to relax.  You work problems are always with you like a ghost hiding in the corner.

4. Looking at the same space makes you feel stagnant: when you are in the same space all day, you can feel uninspired and less creative.  Working in a coworking space makes you more innovative.  

3. Motivation: You can be more inspired and motivated when you see other people working then when you are alone sitting on your couch or even alone in your office.  When you are surrounded by inventive people, your entrepreneurial spirit can take off. 

2. Resources: You can share resources with people you share space with.  You can save money by not purchasing your own wi-fi and equipment.  Sharing conference room space is a great way to save money too.

1. Learn new things: Coworking spaces offer workshops and lunch and learns.  Why not learn something new?